Why Usability Matters

It makes good business sense to create products and services designed with the end-user in mind. If you have any doubt, think about the last time you wasted time trying to find content at a web site, experienced a frustrating online transaction, or tried to use the features of a poorly designed electronic product. Did the experience make you want to use the product again? Or did it get you thinking about a competitor's product or service?

What are user-centered design, usefulness, and usability all about?

User-centered design is all about designing for the "human factor". It's based upon the psychology and physiology of how people interact with things AND on an understanding of the context in which a product will be used and the information needs of the product users.

The goal of a user-centered design strategy is to create products and services that "fit" the end-user, rather than the other way around. Designing and developing effective, successful products is about creating a positive user experience. But creating this experience requires much more than just making the product look great - it's about making the product useful and usable from the perspective of your target user audience.

Useful means the product has the content, features, and functions that your target users really need. It provides a compelling answer to the user's question: "Why should I use this product?".

Usable means the product's features and information can be easily understood, accessed, and effectively used. It answers the user's question: "Can I use this product?".

Useful, usable products:

  • Get used - effectively, enjoyably, and repeatedly!
  • Reduce product training & support costs!
  • Keep your audience from abandoning your product for the competition!

At Usable Solutions, we help you understand what it takes to make your product useful and usable. We provide practical design solutions that turn product initiatives into successful experiences, giving users a reason to keep coming back to your product!

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