Usability Evaluation

Evaluating the usability of your product is key to ensuring that it effectively does what it is supposed to do, from both the users' perspective and the product team's goals. Usable Solutions offers usability evaluation services that:

  • Evaluate how well users can understand and use your product's features, functionality, and content;
  • Resolve design alternatives & user preferences early in development;
  • Identify opportunities for usability improvement throughout the development process;
  • Find usability defects in your product before you go to market;
  • Assess how well your product's usability stacks up against your competitors' products.

Our usability evaluation techniques include:

  • Usability testing (in traditional lab settings, simulated environments, and naturalistic settings)
  • Rapid design-test iterations
  • Expert design inspections
  • Design walkthroughs

Usable Solutions is skilled at adapting evaluations to any stage in product development, from conceptual designs and prototypes to products already in the marketplace.

At the end of the design evaluation, you're not just left hanging with a list of problems. Usable Solutions provides specific, practical design fixes for making your product or concept a success!

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